Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Messy, messy pencils

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I'm a bit of a messy penciller. This doesn't make me a bad person though.

Yep, this week has been yet more pencils for my comic (the very same comic which I could do with coming up with a title for).
Despite being a messy penciller, I'm nothing if not methodical. I know folk who jump about a script, tackling pages in any old order. My preferred method of working is to pencil an entire story start to finish before even thinking about the inking. I'm afraid that readers of this blog may have to put up with a couple of weeks of pencils therefore before they get to see any inky stuff.

As well as the comic, I've been doing some painting as well as dipping into my sketchbook. I'll post some piccies of the painting when it's safe to do so, but for now I'll post a quick sketch of the Creeper. I plan to ignore the slightly dodgy anatomy and use this for some much needed inking practice...

Until next time chums.....

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