Tuesday, 15 May 2012


What ho chums,

For today's ramblings, I'll put together a quick piece about a cover I've recently completed for a fabbo up-coming anthology by the Midlands Comics Collective

First, a very rough A4 pencil sketch
Blow it up to A3 and start pencilling on layout paper (my current pencilling paper of choice)
Then inks onto tracing paper taped over the layout.  This method means I'm not as precious with inking as I may be on super-expensive Bristol Board...
Scan it in and have a quick dabble at colours


Add some more layers of watercolours, drop the lettering in, and Bob's your uncle (he certainly is as well).

This anthology (as you may have guessed) is all loosely based on the end of the world and features contributions from the very talented Midlands Comics Collective, including (I'm reliably informed) a 'lost classic' from the splendid Hunt Emerson

If you happen to be at Kapow this weekend and providing the printers haven't fibbed to us about deadlines, then you should be able to grab a copy from fellow Midlands Comics Chum and top bloke Josh Clarke.  Tell him I sent you.
To further whet your appetites, I'll attach a snippet from my contribution to the anthology.
Until next time.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Son of a Gun

Grrr.  I'm merrily working away at some exciting stuff but not allowing myself to post too much about them yet.  Fear not chums!  I'm sure that I can post a wee snippet of pencils from a bigger piece for the internet world to patronisingly snigger at.