Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Character sketches

Sketchbook character studies for a new project I'm hoping to have a good go at in the coming weeks.

I've also started layouts for my PJANG strip AND even started working out the next issue of the Grinning Mask. What a busy gent I am....I just need someone to invent an extra day between Saturday and Sunday to give me some more time in the week to keep up with stuff.

By the way, I've finally posted out the copies of issue 1 of the Grinning Mask that I promised to the folk who missed the first printing. Watch the skies folks, watch the skies....


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Joe Kerr

A sketch of the Joker for you all to take a peep at.

I even took the time to ink and colour it. In this age of Photoshop etc, I haven't used pencil crayons for ages and quite forgotten how much I like using them.

I should be starting on a script for Rol Hirst's very lovely PJANG comic this week. I'll post work in progress here as I get stuck into it.

Toodle pip


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I'm in pieces, BICS and pieces....

Well, what a top weekend that was eh? Lots of comics, catching up with folk, and a few drinks to boot.

I was there with the Midlands Comics Collective and we had a stall positively heaving with goodies. You can see my box of comics in the middle of the stall below...

What a super looking stall eh? Even better was the sight on mid morning Sunday...

Yeehar. I'd sold out of comics - howsaboutthatthen? I did give a few away to folk etc, but fully expected to be taking a good many copies home with me. I also got rid of all of the copies of Nu Earth that I took with me. How exciting.

I even got asked to do some sketching. I've got to admit that this was fairly nerve-wracking, and I've got fresh respect for the professionals who sit there sketching all day. I felt like apologising all of the way through my drawings for them not being very good.

Happily the Grinning Demon (no relation) from Mainstone seemed chuffed with my work and have seen fit to post my sketch of the Scarecrow on their blog below...

(The Grinning Demon Blog)

I get to be on the same page as Sean Phillips!

So all in all, a top weekend. I'll be getting some more copies of the Grinning Mask printed up this week and will (hopefully) get the copies posted out that I've promised to folk real soon.

Until next time.....


Sunday, 10 October 2010

All done....

Hurrah. My comic - 'The Grinning Mask' is now all ready to go to print. With but a week to spare for BICS. Like I say, if you're about and fancy paying a whole pound for a copy then pop by the Midlands Comics Collective table at the show.

If there's anyone out there in internet land who fancies a copy then let me know and I'll look to sort something out.