Thursday, 10 January 2013

On the road again...


Can you Adam and believe that I have neglected to update this blog for nigh on two months?  Shame on me.

So in an unexpected twist from my usual hastily-scanned sketches, I shall update this blog with some exciting news - I shall be making a rare appearance outside this flat at the Bristol Comics Expo on 11th-12th May 2013.  Hurrah indeed for me.

I shall be sharing a table for the entire weekend at Brunel's Old Station with the very pleasant Mr. Adam Bolton.  I'm reliably informed that we've booked a 6ft table and so here's hoping that we don't get on each others nerves too much eh chums? 

We're both promising to bring some tip-top comics along with us, as well as any old tat we can fill our table space with.  I am of course joking and can assure you, my two gentle readers, that only goods of the finest quality will be on sale from us during this hopefully spectacular weekend.

Now then, with a good wind behind me and nearly four months, I am planning amongst other things to get another issue of the Grinning Mask ready for the show.  Expect this blog to be full of curses as my artistic temperament grows ever larger as deadlines loom over the next few months.

AND....while you're at it, why don't you go follow me on Tweeeeeeeter here?  For some reason, the 'gadget' I pasted to the top of this blog appears to have fallen out with me and so has been banished from these pages.

Happy new year one and all.

Your chum,