Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cold as ice

Well chums, I'm running around in excited readiness to get my stuff together for ICE this weekend. 

Hopefully I'll see you my solitary gentle reader there?  It promises to be a top wheeze and I shall be trying to sell comics, junk and sketches in earnest.  I've even got some freebie comics (whilst stocks last) for anyone popping by my table and saying the secret pass code 'Everything's all and it's rosy, it's a beautiful day'.

Pop by my table to say hello and feast your eyes on the goodies neatly stacked thereon....

Toodle pip

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Astronomy Domine

Howdy chums,

Some duff news and some good news for you now I'm afraid.  The slightly duff news is that I won't be having a new issue of the Grinning Mask ready in time for the lovely ICE show in Birmingham.  Boo I hear you cry in unison.

The rather splendidly good news however is that the reason for this, is that I'm merrily working away on a super strip called Grace's Imaginary Menagerie which will be appearing very soon in the award winning Aces Weekly.  Hurrah you now cry eh?  The more astute of you may remember it from very early appearances on this blog.

Seriously, I am very, very, very excited to be working on this one.  Not only am I having loads of fun drawing and writing this (with the plethora of animals that it entails), but it will be published in a massively exciting digital format.  Just look at the very talented people who've also worked for this comic - aside from David Lloyd himself of course, Lew Stringer, John McCrea, Shaky Kane, Herb Trimpe, David Leach (of Come Dine With Me fame of course) far too many more talented people to mention, and now by some fluke of luck, me.

(Ok, I'm not getting quite as excited at this pesky comics colouring lark, but you can't have everything)

I will have a portfolio full of pages from this one for preview at ICE, and maybe even some extra bits and pieces for my table.  I look forward to seeing you, my solitary gentle reader there.....

Toodle pip chums