Tuesday, 26 March 2013

World keep on turning

Not a lot to post this month folks - still steadily working away at the Grinning Mask #3.  I'm making good progress with the inking and this WILL be ready in time for the Bristol Expo.  I've now made a promise to the interweb.....

More stuff to follow closer to the date......


Friday, 1 March 2013

Solomon bites the worm

What ho there my gentle reader. 

Once again I make my merry way to my oh-so neglected blog to try to make up for the lack of stuff on here.  I must blame that pesky twitter thing for this.  In this day and age, it often seems easier to hastily post stuff on there leaving this once-mighty blog to quietly weep bitter digital tears to itself.

Still, I return here to happily report that myself and Mr. Bolton have booked an exhibitor table at the (I'm told) splendid Thought Bubble convention in Leeds.  This on top of our previously reported table at Bristol Expo in May.  Blimey.  I may get some tour t-shirts printed up with these two gargantuan dates.

I'm also happy to report that I've now finished pencilling issue 3 of the Grinning Mask.  I may well be dooming myself to failure but I should get it ready for Bristol.  Form an orderly queue now.....

Your chum


'Quick! Let's get out of here before he witters on some more!'