Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Another week.....

.....another post.

Right then, so what have I been working on this week then?

I'm currently working on a comic of my very own which I'm hoping to get together in time for the British Comics Show. There's going to be a few late nights ahead to get it together, but if nothing else, I'll be a few pages better off in my portfolio.

Anyway, it's all scripted and laid out, and I'm currently wading through pencils.

Fun, fun, fun eh? I'll post more stuff as the weeks progress...

As a final treat this week, I'll post an inking sample to balance up the pencils. Yep, it's everyone's favourite mutant. These are my inks over Joe Ward's pencils, and is my first foray into digital inking using my Wacom tablet. As test pieces go, I'm quite chuffed with it.

Once again chums, any comments criticisms etc will be gratefully received.


  1. How's that 'EC' strip coming along? Liking the pages so far.

    The Wolverine sketch is cool, it's always interesting inking someone else, especially when they have a radically different style. Was that done in Photoshop then? Really nice variation in line, might benefit from blacking it in, unless it's for colour.

    Blimey, you have a Wacom? Can I borrow? ;-)

  2. Cheers Tone,

    The 'EC' strip is coming (very) slowly but surely. I really ought to come up with a proper name for it....

    I did end up colouring in the sketch, but was more happy with the inks than the colour. Such is life.