Monday, 7 August 2017

Needles in the camel's eye

Evening chums - I hope that you're both well?

I'm not doing too well at keeping this blog-a-ma-tron thing up to date am I now?  In truth I tend to put more of my sketch book stuff on twitter when time permits.  Nonetheless, I'll rattle a bit here about what I've been up to recently.

So, first up is a super comic called Dead Silence where I've had the pleasure of working with one David Cooper.  He does a far better job of telling you, my gentle reader all about it here than I ever could.  Do check it out via his online store - I think it's a great little read.

I've also been lucky enough to paint a mini wolf for the splendid Wolves in Wolves art festival.  I painted a wolf on behalf of the Howling Wolves Community Choir, and my humble painting is currently in Wolverhampton Art Gallery on proud display until the middle of September.  Go say hello and remember me to him / her.

Now, I suppose that I ought to get doing some drawing eh? 
'Pah! Doomlord suspects that puny earthling Taylor is wasting time staring at the wall again when he should be drawing!'

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