Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The wage don't fit

Oh fiddle de dee eh gentle reader?  My once-mighty blog is getting more and more neglected with each passing week.

Whilst I seem to struggle to find time to update this part of the web, rest assured that I'm still fairly active with my ramblings on curtain twitcher.

To you, my dear reader, I shall update you with what I'm up to over the coming months.

I shall be sharing a table with pesky Bolton at Thought Bubble in Leeds on 23rd-24th November 2013.

I shall also be sharing a table with pesky Bolton at the Volume book fair at the new library in Birmingham on 5th-7th December 2103.

AND.... I've just booked a table at this very lovely looking show in Birmingham in August next year....

It's all go.....


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