Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grimly Fiendish

Yet more piccies from the Weekly Themed Art Blog what I have done.

First up, a drawing in the 'Tron' theme. Despite having never seen either film, I struggled on regardless...

And, two drawings (and a preview) for this week's theme - 'Non 2000AD UK comics characters'. I've sketched up Grimly Feendish and definitely not the bloke out of 'Despicable Me'. (Mind you, Grimly himself is very similar Uncle Fester of the Addams Family, so I'm not going to be too picky here)

and the Leopard from Lime Street.

Hurrah for UK comics of yester-year.



  1. I considered drawing the Leopard from Lime Street, but knew you'd beat me to it :) Great rendition, really captures that UK suburban Spider-man vibe.

    You've never seen Tron? I've never been a fan, but it is a part of your cultural history... ;)

  2. I hate to say it Tone, but I knew that he'd be a popular pick for this week's theme and so was quite chuffed to get in there first. However, just because I've had a stab at drawing him, I wouldn't let that put you (or anyone else) off having a go?
    You probably wouldn't be surprised at the amount of 'Culturally Historical' films that I've never seen....