Saturday, 4 September 2010


Afternoon folks,

I've now finished all of the pencils for my BICS comic project and am getting on with the inking. Hurrah for me. If you're at BICS this year and feel like supporting a starving comics artist, do pop along to the Midlands Comics Collective table and get yourself a copy of this. Check out the rest of the stuff on the table as well - by the sounds of it, there should be plenty of goodies there in time for your delectation.

I'm also getting a bit fed up of drawing screaming faces. The more astute amongst you may have noticed that this is a horror comic - much in the EC tradition.

I think that I might draw some more 'Archie and the Sweep' for some light relief.....



  1. Know what you mean, every other panel of Outcastes seems to require somebody to look shocked. It soon gets old...

    Many congrats on finishing the pencilling. Look forward to buying the finished comic.

  2. Cheers Tony. It's more that my own face seems to constantly ache from holding a 'scream' pose in the mirror whilst I sketch away.